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We believe that the value we generate as a purposeful organization contributes to the economic development of the country where we operate. Higher profits lead to greater expansion, more jobs, better infrastructure, and a more prosperous and equitable society.
Our goal We aim to continually grow profitably through sustainable business transformations to create equitable stakeholder value. 

We will continue to explore opportunities while managing our operations prudently, utilizing our resources wisely to ensure long-term financial growth and profitability.

AboitizPower's 10-year energy transition strategy AboitizPower's 10-year energy transition strategy will bring our portfolio mix to 50:50 Cleanergy and Thermal capacities by 2030, which will ultimately address our country’s energy trilemma of energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability.
0 MW Net Sellable Capacity
AEV through AboitizPower helps propel the country's economy by providing reliable energy to the grid.
Current and Future Energy Mix Portfolio Cleanergy Capacities in green
Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (in PHP Billions)
0 billion
AEV’s 2021 consolidated EBITDA is at Php 67.2 billion, with 16% Y-O-Y increase.
0 in PHP millions
Income before Income Tax
Provision for Income Tax in PHP millions
Shareholder Value
Dividends Paid (based from previous year's earnings)
2018 (PHP Billions)
2019 (PHP Billions)
2020 (PHP Billions)
Economic Policies

Fair Dealing Policy

  • In dealings with its customers, suppliers and business partners, the Company abides by the Fair Dealing Policy found in its Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. The basis of the policy is the Company’s objective to out-perform its competition fairly and honestly through superior performance. Every employee, officer and director therefore always prioritizes the best interests of the Company’s clients and endeavours to deal fairly with suppliers, competitors, the public and one another. No one should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of facts or any other unfair dealing practice.


Fair Dealing Policy for Suppliers/ Contractors

  • In dealings with suppliers and other business partners, the Company likewise ensures that they are compliant with the laws, for example, requiring appropriate certificates of registration from the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Another example is the detachment of the Board, management and employees from any conflict of interest as mandated in the Company’s Code. All Directors are prohibited from participating in any Board discussion or decision affecting their personal, business or professional interests in a transaction involving the Company as a party. All employees, officers and directors have an obligation to act in the best interests of the Company.
Aboitiz looks forward to creating more sustainability partners.

Contact us to learn more about our sustainability policy.

innovation Aboitiz’s digital transformation journey identified key digital strategic objectives to grow the business 

Reinventing our business models while looking for opportunities to improve our revenue streams; embedding emerging and relevant technologies, data and analytics to improve operational efficiencies and decision-making process; creating an agile workplace to improve collaboration and productivity of our A-People; and, equipping our team members with the right tools to continuously deliver value to our stakeholders.

Digital Milestones of Strategic Business Units

AEV: Digital DNA Program and Innovation Week (Building a Digital Mindset)

We introduced the Digital DNA program to better equip team members with modern tools and progressive practices. The program, which consists of three brainstorming and ideation workshops encourages team members to generate ideas in optimizing business processes and technology.

Innovation Week gathered all Aboitiz business units to showcase outstanding digital projects and to foster collaboration on improving various initiatives. Key subject matter experts from different industries were invited to share their experiences and learnings

Key subject matter experts from different industries were invited to share their experiences and learnings


AboitizPower: Inyovation Program

Forging the Aboitiz Group’s value of Innovation and AboitizPower’s Owner Mindset, the Inyovation program encouraged team members to initiate developments in their processes to improve productivity and efficiency; increase customer satisfaction; enhance a current process, system, or service; reduce costs; or contribute to sustainability.


Pilmico: AHA-gile Innovation Program

Pilmico’s Business Process Team and HR partners brainstormed to launch Innovation 2.0, a campaign that makes improvements to the process, system, and management structure while planning for the necessary cascade activities to promote innovation across the Food Group.


UnionBank: Innovating on Customer Experience

In 2017, the Bank invested in designing and developing the UnionBank Online platform to bring about a seamless and delightful banking experience. Using agile principles, a minimum viable product of the app was launched with key features such as self-service sign-up, viewing of all accounts and transactions, fund transfer to UnionBank and other local bank accounts, and bills payment. In the years that followed, UnionBank continued to enhance the platform’s functionalities by adding CX-driven features like digital account opening, online check deposit and unit investment trust fund account viewing while ensuring the stability and security of the app. The latest iterations enabled customers to accomplish banking transactions without the need to visit branches.

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