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Featured report Aboitiz 2022 Annual Integrated Report April 15, 2023

This Report contains a full-year’s data—from January 1 to December 31, 2022—and focuses on AEV’s strategic business units: Power, Banking and Financial Services, Food, Infrastructure, Land, and Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI). We gathered reports on their performance in the following focus areas: team member engagement and development, corporate social responsibility, customer focus, disaster resilience, carbon emissions reduction, resource efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, and financial growth and returns.

The 2022 Annual Integrated Report theme ” Together, we are building the Philippines’ First Techglomerate. ” conveys the Aboitiz Group’s optimistic look in to the future and envision a Philippines where technology drives progress, where business and society are intertwined in their shared pursuit of prosperity for all.

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