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Sustainability at Aboitiz

As we continue our sustainability journey, we aspire for excellence in our EESG performance.
Economic We aim to continually enhance shareholder value by being true to ethical business practices, sticking to our core competencies, and executing well-defined strategies.
Net Income After Tax (in PHP billion)
0 billion
AEV recorded a consolidated net income (NIAT) of PHP 15.4 billion in 2020, compared to the Php 22 billion in the same period of the previous year.
Economic Policies

In dealings with its customers, suppliers and business partners, the Company abides by the Fair Dealing Policy found in its Code of Ethics and Business Conduct. The basis of the policy is the Company’s objective to out-perform its competition fairly and honestly through superior performance. Every employee, officer and director therefore always prioritizes the best interests of the Company’s clients and endeavours to deal fairly with suppliers, competitors, the public and one another. No one should take unfair advantage of anyone through manipulation, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of facts or any other unfair dealing practice.

Fair Dealing Policy for Suppliers/ Contractors

In dealings with suppliers and other business partners, the Company likewise ensures that they are compliant with the laws, for example, requiring appropriate certificates of registration from the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Another example is the detachment of the Board, management and employees from any conflict of interest as mandated in the Company’s Code. All Directors are prohibited from participating in any Board discussion or decision affecting their personal, business or professional interests in a transaction involving the Company as a party. All employees, officers and directors have an obligation to act in the best interests of the Company.

Environment The Aboitiz Group is conscious of resources, ensures that they can be replenished for future generations, and minimizes competition on the resources available in the communities where we operate.
APARK exceeds target of 9 Million Trees in 2020 (Million trees)
Aboitiz Environmental Program Metrics
0 Visitors of Cleanergy Park
0 Mangroves Planted
0 Pawikan Hatchlings Released (Biodiversity Conservation)
Sustainability at Aboitiz
2030 Target to Balance 50:50 Renewables, Thermal Portfolios AboitizPower believes in the power of balance.
0 cm3 Water Consumption
0 MWh Energy Consumption
Environment Policies
  • Resource Efficiency and Waste Management Our Race to Reduce (R2R) programs at our strategic business units have paved the way for addressing concerns related to biodiversity, resource efficiency, and waste management. Our strategic business units have established policies and procedures to operationalize and manage waste and integrated resource efficiency guided by applicable regulatory compliance requirements and ISO standards.
Social The Aboitiz Group implements sound labor practices in the workforce and operates responsibly in the communities where we are present. This is answering the premise that no business shall succeed in failing communities.
Employment Type - Regular/Probationary (Number of people)
0 (in PHP Million) CSR Fund Allocation 1,519 CSR projects implemented, 134,982 stakeholders served, 445,697 direct and group beneficiaries, and 10,547 volunteer hours served.
Age Talent Analytics (number of tm)
Region Talent Analytics
0 Total number of TMs in Luzon
0 Total number of TMs in Visayas
0 Total number of TMs in Mindanao
Social Policies
  • The Group is guided by applicable Occupational Health and Safety Standards set by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Part of our IMS is to recognize and identify health and safety risks, and to set out policies and processes to mitigate and address risks. AEV and its subsidiaries’ occupational health and safety guidelines cover both organic and contracted employees working in our facilities. Contractors may have no employer-employee relationship but are, nonetheless, covered by the company’s “prevailing influence”.
  • “Prevailing Influence” is when contracted employees are required to adhere to safety rules and regulations laid down by the company or to use methods, processes, or other techniques provided by the company. Aboitiz employs a process of hazard aspect identification, risk assessment, and setting out of controls (HAIRADC process) through the different Safety and Health, Environment, and Security Teams in the Group. Results of these processes are evaluated and included in our Operational Risk Management Plans.
Governance Our governance framework is rooted in its core values of integrity, teamwork, innovation and responsibility, which have been institutionalized in Manuals, Code of Ethics, and key company policies and protocols.
Risk Roadmap (diagram)
Three Lines of Defense in Aboitiz
1st Line Risk Owners
2nd Line Ensures that 1st line is Working
3rd Line Independent Assurance
Sustainability at Aboitiz
Risk & Strategy Balancing economic growth and environmental stewardship.
0 + International Supporter Organizations
0  trillion in USD Combined Market Capitalization
Governance Policies

The Manual on Corporate Governance (Manual) is the corporate governance charter of the Company. It is a clear statement by the Company, its Board of Directors, Management, Employees and Shareholders, that corporate governance is a necessary component of sound strategic business management. The Manual was approved by the Board at its regular meeting on August 14, 2002. The Manual has since been reviewed, revised, updated and amended by subsequent Board actions in keeping with evolving best practices in the Philippines and the ASEAN Region.


The Group’s governance framework and practices are codified in the Manual of Corporate Governance. These contain the Group’s plan to comply with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) principles on corporate governance, and are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that these are at par with the best corporate governance practices.

Sustainability at Aboitiz
EESG Data: Focus Areas and Metrics

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