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Reporting Boundaries and Standards

The information in this microsite contains information from our most recent Annual and Sustainability Report.

Our sustainability report complies with the Securities and Exchange Commission Memorandum Circular No. 4 Series of 2019: “Sustainability Reporting Guidelines for Publicly Listed Companies.”

It has been prepared in accordance with GRI Standards: Core option. We provide a summary of how we developed this report, as well as indexes to help readers locate specific information about our policies, programs, and performance.

GRI Content Index

The Reporting Principles for defining content are:

Materiality: identified economic, social, and environmental issues that impact our business growth and of utmost importance to our stakeholders

Stakeholder Inclusiveness: identified stakeholders and response to their expectations Sustainability context: identified performance measures in the wider context of sustainability

Completeness: identified material topics that are covered within identified boundaries were ensured to provide sufficient information that reflects the significant economic, social and environmental within the reporting period.

These report elements aim to provide a level of comfort for our stakeholders that our information is timely, accurate, reliable, and complete. Our key performance indicators are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This indicates our commitment to contribute solutions for poverty reduction, education, climate change, responsible consumption, disaster preparedness, technological innovation, and institutional partnering to achieve these goals.

Reporting Scope

We worked closely with our Environmental, Social, and Governance Technical Working Group and their respective sustainability stewards in business units across the region, using a standardized data collection and monitoring process. The business units covered in this report are:


  • Aboitiz Power Corporation
  • AP Renewables, Inc.
  • Balamban EnerZone Corporation
  • Cebu Private Power Corporation
  • Cotabato Light and Power Company
  • Davao Light and Power Company, Inc.
  • East Asia Utilities Corporation
  • Hedcor, Inc.
  • Hedcor Sibulan, Inc.
  • Hedcor Tudaya, Inc.
  • Hedcor Sabangan, Inc.
  • Hedcor Bukidnon, Inc.
  • LiMA EnerZone Corporation
  • Luzon Hydro Corporation
  • Mactan EnerZone Corporation
  • San Carlos Sun Power, Inc.
  • SN Aboitiz Power – Magat, Inc.
  • SN Aboitiz Power – Benguet, Inc.
  • Subic EnerZone Corporation
  • Therma Marine, Inc.
  • Therma Mobile, Inc.
  • Therma Power Visayas, Inc.
  • Therma South, Inc.
  • Therma Visayas, Inc.
  • Visayan Electric Company, Inc.
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  • Union Bank of the Philippines
  • City Savings Bank, Inc.
  • PETNET, Inc.



  • Pilmico Foods Corporation
  • Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation
  • Gold Coin Management Holdings Ltd.
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  • Aboitiz InfraCapital, Inc.
  • Apo Agua Infrastructura, Inc.
  • Lima Water Corporation
  • Republic Cement and Building Materials, Inc.*



  • AboitizLand, Inc.
  • LIMA Land, Inc.2
  • Cebu Industrial Park Developers Inc.2



  • Aboitiz Foundation, Inc.
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Material Aspects Materiality Materiality

Note on forward-looking statements

The OneAboitiz Sustainability Microsite may feature “forward-looking” statements describing AEV’s objectives, achievements and outlooks, projections, and expectations. Actual results may differ from the statements expressed or suggested in the report.

Important factors that could impact the company’s operations include, among others, economic conditions affecting demand or supply dynamics, price conditions in markets where the company operates, changes in government regulations, tax laws, and other statutes and incidental factors.