UnionBank Memberships
Strategic Alliances

UnionBank Memberships

Guided by our value of integrity, we generate trust and sustain good relationships as we engage in meaningful value creation with our internal and external stakeholders – forging cooperation, partnerships, and common aspirations of a better future.

List of Organizations (as of FY 2022)
List of Organizations (as of FY 2022)

Chamber of Commerce

  • Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.
  • British Chamber of Commerce
  • Chamber of Thrift Banks


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  • League of Corporate Foundations
  • Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSB)
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Industry Organization

  • The Financial Markets Association (ACI Philippines)
  • Management Association of the Philippines
  • Money Market Association
  • Bankers Institute of the Philippines Inc.
  • Philippine Financial & Inter Industry Pride
  • Bohol Bankers Association
  • Cebu Bankers Club
  • Credit Card Association of the Philippines
  • Fund Managers Association of the Philippines
  • Investment House Association of the Philippines
  • Bank Marketing Association
  • Philippine Marketing Association
  • People Management Association of the Philipines
  • Trust Officers Association of the Philippines
  • BAIPHIL/ Bankers Institute of the Philippines
  • Bank Security Management Association (BSMA)
  • Philippine Society for Industrial Security or PSIS
  • Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
  • The Institute for Internal Controls (IIC)
  • Certified Forensic Accountants Philippines
  • Money Market Association of The Philippines
  • Association of Bank Compliance Officers in the Philippines
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UnionBank Memberships
strategic alliances

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